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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today’s photograph relates to Millard and Esther Fillmore, being this is Eylar Millard Fillmore, their son. Esther’s maiden name was Eylar and the couple decided to give him this traditional name. Eylar was born in 1889 in Pomona, CA and lived his entire life in the Los Angeles area.

This photo is identified on the back as Eylar’s graduation photo. At first I thought high school because his face is still soft and boyish. However the photo looks like something from a later time. Could this be from 1907?

Eylar registered for the draft in 1917, and in 1919 requested a passport so he could travel to Sonora Mexico on behalf of the Ford Motor Company. He was an Assistant Manager in the Ford organization by that point, so it makes me wonder if he was visiting a manufacturing plant or other supplier.

By 1930, Eylar was married to Lois M and they had a daughter Eloise who was 8 at the time of the census. They lived in Santa Barbara, just north of Los Angeles.  I found some other records indicating that by 1938, the couple had returned to the Los Angeles area and Esther lived with them. Their home on W 25th Street still stands and is just west of University of Southern California (USC). The 1940 census indicated that Eylar was in real estate.

In the 50s, Eylar and Lois lived in a lovely home in San Marino, the bedroom community surrounding Huntington Library, suggesting they had some affluence by this point. The home still stands and is simply beautiful. It is a Spanish style two-story bungalow. I wasn’t able to find much information on Lois or Eloise. Eylar lived until May 1984 when he passed away at the age of 95 in Arcadia, CA.

Interestingly, during my research I found an Etsy shop that sold two photos identified as Eylar Fillmore as a child, plus one of a girl identified as his sister. However, even on the 1910 census, Eylar’s mother indicated she had only one child living and one child born. At the age of 58 it would not have been likely that she gave birth after the census, so that is a mystery. The handwriting on the photos looks an awful lot like the handwriting on my photos, which is very intriguing. Maybe they adopted?

So concludes the story of Millard – not the president – Fillmore, his wife Esther and son Eylar. I hope you have enjoyed the exploration of this slice of history.

UPDATE: It just occurred to me that Eylar’s wife was named Lois M. and I previously posted this photo of Lois Montgomery. They were in the same stack at the shop, so I bet they belong together.

9 thoughts on “Eylar M Fillmore

  1. So he probably married the gal with the hat! What a treasure this will be for family when it is found..someday:)


  2. Carol Raya says:

    I have 10 report cards for an Eylar Fillmore from San Pedro Street School from 1900-1904. Don’t know how I got them, but am wondering if this could be the same person. The family probably would enjoy having them.


  3. Laura Meyers says:

    I am doing research on the now-historic home that the Fillmores built in West Adams. I think it would be great for the family, if there are descendents, to have the original — but I wonder if you could scan them as well so the documents could also be in the house for current and future homeowners? Please reply off this comment thread, to news@westadamsheritage.org. And thank you. Laura Meyers


  4. I’ve known Mr. Fillmore very well. I emigrated to the USA in 1962 and he was my first employer. He was an aimable man. His office was located at 5960 South Vermont Avenue. I also knew Eloise who worked there as well.
    In 1967 I relocated to my home country where I have been living ever since.
    I have thought about Mr. Fillmore often, because he was such a pleasant person and was pleasantly surprised to find all this info about him.
    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about him and his company.


    1. E L Newton says:

      Hello. Eylar Fillmore was my grandfather, Eloise my mother. How nice to read of your kind comments regarding him. I wish you well.


      1. Judy Bruce says:

        Hello E.L. Newton. I recently came across an old photo of your grandfather Eylar at 5 months and 28 pounds. Would you like the original?


      2. Mark Sonnenklar says:

        E.L.: My wife and I and our kids currently live in the home built by your great grandfather, Millard Fillmore. It’s on 25th Street in Los Angeles. I believe your grandfather, Eylar, also lived in the house for some time. We are very interested in the history of the home? Would you be willing to talk to us about your grandfather? You can email me at mark@btllp.com. Thanks!


  5. Mark Sonnenklar says:

    EL, my wife and I (and our four kids) recently purchased and live in a house at 2254 W. 25th Street in Los Angeles that I believe your grandfather built or at least lived in. We would be very interested to confirm this and to find out more about your grandfather. Would you email me at mark@btllp.com? Thank you!

    Hans-Adrian, we would love to hear what you know about Eylar, Lois, and Eloise. Please contact me!


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