Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past



This young fellow is in the space next to our “fanciful” lady of the last post. However with a dearth of names, I cannot tell you if they were related or not. I noticed that the chair he is sitting in is rather tattered along the fringe. Perhaps an indication that the studio was doing a bustling business, or that they were incredibly frugal. The photographer in question was McLaughlin & Nimmo, who had a “new and improved skylight” such that it warranted mention on their cards. The skylights were very important to a photographers business because they did not have artificial lighting that was effective at improving an exposure. You may have noticed that studios were often on the second floor of a building – lending themselves access to skylights. It is also interesting to note their pricing – Cartes de Visite were $2.50 per dozen and a large photograph and frame was $3.00. They also mention tinting of photos, which leads me to wondering if his tie has been tinted or if there is an unusual stain on the photo. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Young man on a ratty chair

  1. mousleyka says:

    I guess all the money the photographer had went into the skylight. That chair is really beat up.

    I can’t tell what “unfortunate” thing happened to the guy’s tie! It wasn’t good in any event. Looks like a younger man – Fanciful lady doesn’t appear all that old either – they could have been a couple.


  2. Auntie Kat says:

    Sometimes what you title pictures is more of a curiosity that the actual picture. Keep ’em coming !


  3. The horsehair stuffing is definitely showing, which is odd for a chair that only seated non-squirming posteriors. His tie may have had white or yellow tips which bleached out in the studio sunlight, necessitating a crude color tint.


  4. The tinting is not well done and who in their right mind would use such a worn chair? :(


  5. Em says:

    This chair gave me a feeling of déjà vu…I just realized it is the same looking chair as “The Happy Couple” in your post dated June 16 2016.


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