Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


This image occupies spot #10 in the Leather CdV Album and is directly next to the photo of Milton Hendrickson, making me wonder if this might be Laura Smouse Hendrickson. She is a truly lovely woman with fine grooming that shows her attention to detail in her appearance. Her hair is wrapped around the crown of her head and also pinned up, with a beautiful sausage curl draping from the back over her shoulder. The sausage curls were very popular during the 1870s and were available as a false piece to add to the coif through various ladies magazines. A woman could also use her own hair, of course. They were notoriously difficult to attain and they stretch out quickly if a person’s hair does not hold curl well.

Notice that the photo was made by Guterkunst as was the portrait in spot #2, which makes me wonder if these two are brother and sister or otherwise related. Laura Smouse was born in Pennsylvania, and while it is pure conjecture, if this is her then photo #2 could be a brother.

To see all previous entries from the album, click on the category Leather CdV Album.

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