Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


This snapshot circa the 1950s features a fantastic wooden wagon, a bucket and two little girls. I always wonder what the story was. What activity or event prompted the parent to snap the photo at that instant? With today’s digital images so easily deleted, replaced, and manipulated, it is difficult for us to imagine saving a shot so as not to waste film. I can remember the frustration of getting a bad shot when I picked up my prints from the developer! Sometimes those old, bad, snapshots are funny – such as double exposures, chopped off heads, funny facial expressions (the open mouth mid word is my favorite) and movement blurs. Whatever the inspiration on this long ago day, I hope the photo brought the family happy memories!

One thought on “Wagon, bucket, girls

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Indeed, your comment about digital versus film is so true. When I was “young”, I specialized in sports photography. I used to roll my own film. For big sporting events, I had a 250-shot magazine. If I got five or six useable shots, I was stoked.

    As you say, you wonder what sparked this person to shoot this shot… It was so expensive back then…! I’m sure their descendants would have loved to have this picture. Sad…


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