Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Well, I missed Sepia Saturday this past week because I was out having fun playing 1860s, sigh! This is the photo I had planned for the Saturday posting. It is a youth band and probably dancers, of some ethnic origin, probably German. The photo is undated. Everyone is smiling, so perhaps the photo was taken after a particularly good show! I believe the style of vest the girls are wearing is called a dirndl.


7 thoughts on “On with the show

  1. usermattw says:

    Great photo! So much to look at and enjoy. You’re right about the girls wearing dirndls, but it’s actually the whole outfit, including the blouse, skirt and apron, that is called the dirndl, not just the vest. It seems, with those unique suspenders, that some of the boys are wearing lederhosen. Those outfits, plus the feathered hats on the boys, are traditionally Bavarian or Tyrolean (basically from southern Germany or Austria). Is this photo American? I’m intrigued by the fan that girl is holding. It looks Asian to me. Not that an Austrian couldn’t own an Asian fan, it just seems out of place here, and I wonder if it represented a specific aspect of their performance. “Playing 1860s”? Sounds interesting! :-)


  2. Mrs Marvel says:

    The boys are wearing a variety of hats, I noticed. A couple bowlers, some newsboys, the feathered caps you mentioned, plus a couple jester style caps. I think the photo is American. I also noticed that not all the boys are wearing the lederhosen. Some have vests and some have what looks like tunics. I love the bassoon, don’t see those too often in a youth band. :-)


  3. Mrs Marvel says:

    Oh, and playing 1860s, see here: http://pastperiodspress.com which is another site I do.


  4. usermattw says:

    Thanks for the link to your other site! That must be very rewarding. I’m always so impressed with the skills and knowledge of people who do the reenacting, including you. I’ve encountered groups up here in the San Francisco area such as http://www.gbacg.org since I’ve been involved in theater and there is some overlap sometimes. (Some of them have costumed shows I’ve been in, and I’ve been hired as an actor at period events. Also, a couple of them follow my blog, which is helpful.) What draws me most to history is not big questions of grand military campaigns or shifting political alliances, but just the question, “What was life like then?” I’m fascinated by the mundane aspects of daily life that we often take for granted, and how they have changed over time. Reenactors like your group help bring all that to life. :-)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I follow GBACG quite faithfully – their historical pattern reviews are priceless for clothing creation! If you ever find yourself in the SoCal area drop me a note and I’ll let you know if there are any events occurring that might pique your interest.


      1. usermattw says:

        Thanks, will do! :-)


  5. It’s an Oktoberfest photo! Looks American based on the school desks, maybe 1940-50s? The horn on the left is a very specific design that has only one maker and is associated with NYC. The bassoon on the right is also not a typical German band instrument. The fan lady is just oddly out of place which says school production. Almost the “Sound of Music” but I don’t see the von Trapp family!


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