Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

4 thoughts on “Kid on cannon

  1. I suppose if you want to remember that you were there..I wonder where there was? Someplace warm:)


  2. Racheal says:

    I have been perched on top of a cannon many times :)


  3. Ed says:

    that is a navy cannon from the American civil war period, you can tell by the barrel, it is an American gun design called the Dalgren gun. it was a” rifled” (spiraled grooves in barrel for better speed and placement of cannon ball on the target) as opposed the the smoothbore (no grooves) cannon of many centuries use before his high tech development in the 1860s during the American civil war. this would most likely be at a naval base or port in the deep south with the palm like trees I would guess. picture is of course from the mid 20th century with there clothing styles.


  4. Ava Cohn says:

    Sorry, Ed, clothing styles are from the 1920s-1930s.


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