Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Next to our bearded portrait we find this lady. The same photographer was used and guessing by the fact that they are next to each other in the album, they are likely husband and wife. Note that she has some interesting jewelry shown. The necklace is of an interesting heavy chain that passes through a “bolo” type of clasp after wrapping twice around the neck and there is enough to drape on her chest, possibly with a watch or pin hidden under the lace of her dress. She also has a bar pin on her collar. Her dress appears to be heavily lace and quite fancy. I haven’t seen a bodice like that in the past, so I am wondering if she is wearing a shawl or paletot of some type.

Her face is similar to the woman in our family portrait. That family was photographed in Dakota Territory, but as Iggy pointed out, the train ran almost in a straight line from Pittsburgh to Dakota. Could this be the Mamma of that lady and Grandmamma of the boys?

2 thoughts on “Mamma?

  1. I would agree she is the Grandma! This is an unique Cabinet Card..very nice! I have not seen that type of jewelry before:)


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    She looks like a woman that the bald gentleman probably said, “Yes, Ma’am” to no matter what outrageous thing she wanted done. :)

    I think I’m seeing things, but the necklace “thingy” (I’m so technical) has a square pin holding it – that looks sort of like the bald gent’s pin.

    P.s., Cambrigeboro and Meadville are “suburbs” of Erie, PA (and thus the train would have been none other than the famous New York Central to Chicago and then a change to the Northern Pacific. :)


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