Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

The latest entry from the Leaf Album and all I can say is wow. That fur is really disreputable; I can’t imagine what the photographer thought this would say in an artistic sense about his young female subject. Her dress is quite statement enough, in my opinion. The sleeves aren’t as large or prominent as the last big sleeve image from the album, but they really don’t do much for this lady’s look. They appear to be 3/4 bell sleeves, almost pagoda sleeves. Then there is some sort of lacy undersleeve and the lace adornment at the neckline. The fabric is checkered as well, so it makes me dizzy to look at it too long. Finally, the gathered blouse style bodice just makes the whole thing look sloppy to me. Sigh, the things women will do for fashion! She is fairly young, so perhaps this was the height of style for young women in the mid to late 1890s.

The photographer was Freedle, a clear family favorite.

2 thoughts on “Big sleeves & mangy fur

  1. I bet she sewed this creation herself..I have not seen anything quite like it. The Sheeps skin looks quite full..perhaps it was a favorite old friend:)


  2. Yes that is my thought as well, a home made design with a cheap fabric. The sheep skin is odd, it shows up in so many photos of this period that I’m convinced there is an article in some 19th century photography magazine that must explain this fashion.


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