Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

How exciting, I knew this hobby would one day lead me to someone I knew! Frequent site commenter Far Side of Fifty and I have been talking. Turns out she knows some of my distant cousins. What a small world. This is the generation where her friend’s ancestors and mine are brothers. This photograph is one of those picture of a picture deals because the original belongs to someone else who wanted to share. I scanned it for my own purposes and am happy to share it with further family members who may wander by this site one day.

This generation was born between 1862 – 1871. They are the Nunn brothers and their sister, and their wives. From the left is Herbert (1869) sitting and his wife Lutie standing; Jim (1863) standing and his wife Elsie sitting; Lizzie ( 1868) was the unmarried sister at the time of this portrait and she is seated center front. The couple behind her are Elizabeth and John (1862) both standing; next we have Curtis (1864) standing and May sitting; finally Albert (1871) standing and Edith sitting. Albert and Edith are my great grandparents, who were called Ama and Apa by my branch of the family, while other grandchildren called them Mama and Papa.

This photograph was taken some time in the 1890s I believe. The photography studio is unknown to me.

3 thoughts on “Brothers, sister and spouses

  1. I was thrilled to hear of the connection. I will be visiting with the neighbors soon and I will let you know what they have to say. Who would have thunk it..it is a small world:)


  2. Wonderful soup strainer mustaches!


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