Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This is an enormous pile of lumber. To the left of the photo there is some sort of factory and there is also a large stack of lumber near the trucks. Dominating the scene is this pile of wood. Consider that telephone poles are about 20-25 feet high, so this pile might be on par or a bit higher. Makes you wonder about its source and purpose.

3 thoughts on “Big pile of lumber

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Judging by the lengths of the bits on the truck, I would guess this is a saw mill and its possibly making railroad ties. The railroads used (and still use) them by the millions.


  2. That is one huge slash pile..it is some kind of Mill..Pulp Mill..Saw Mill or Paper Mill. Cool photo:)


  3. Liutgard says:

    The mill buildings in the background, the access road, and the huge pile of wood look like the pulp mill in Albany, Oregon. I-5 runs past it now, and the mill- the big buildings at least, were taken town last year. There’s still quite a bit of stuff piled around though, so I don’t know what is going on with it. I’ve lived in Portland and Eugene, and my kids and grandkids are in Eugene, and I drive past this site several times a month.


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