Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Who can resist a group of cute kids? Not me! This photo was found in a gigantic box at an antique store in Orange, CA, just begging me to take them home. I particularly like the little girl’s dress. It looks to have some embroidery on the hem area. The boy in the middle is sporting a sailor collar, and the boy to the right has rumpled socks. Although there are six children on this wagon, only four of them were looking at the camera. The other two were gossiping about Aunt Sally’s bursitis, I’m sure.

This is a Sepia Saturday post, celebrating children worldwide. Click through to find what other images of cherubic faces and dirty knees will turn up on the web.

16 thoughts on “The Gang’s All Here

  1. mary s says:

    Adorable! This must have been early on picture day….they are all clean!


  2. postcardy says:

    Cute kids! I didn’t know Aunt Sally had bursitis!


  3. Excellent photo when a wagon ride held a child interest! :)


  4. Little Nell says:

    I can see why you had to take this home. The expressions are lovely; it was obviously a sunny day and no sunglasses for kiddies then, so they had to screw up their eyes. Lots of details to note as well.


  5. Alan Burnett says:

    What faces, what expectations of life they have. It is one of those photographs you really wish they would do a “Where Are They Now” feature on. It is childhood personified.


  6. Bob Scotney says:

    I’ll bet they had fun with that trailer; I’d love to know what was pulling it,


  7. Karen S. says:

    They sure are the cutest of children, now who would ever give that photo away! But lucky for you and us that they did! Now it can be shared for us of and let us go back in memory to those fun days out in the yard with our friends! ..and hooray for little wagons!


  8. they are delightful. Turn around please, you other two, so that we can see you!


  9. Nancy says:

    I think they were at a birthday party – everyone in their best outfits. I would love to see a photo from the end of the day!
    Nancy Javier
    Ladies of the grove


  10. gluepot says:

    Everybody’s little darlings. I agree with Nancy – they look as if they were at a birthday party and one of the mothers caught them before they hit the food table. About those other two who have their backs to the camera. I don’t think they are gossiping about Aunt Sally’s bursitis. Rather, I think she is telling him about Aunt Sally’s bursitis. He, on the other hand, is practising his “listening face.”


  11. Nancy says:

    They look adorable. I wonder who pulled the wagon if any of the children fell off without sides to keep them on. Fun photo.


  12. PattyF says:

    Gotta love a great photo prop and what’s better than a wagon-full of kids? It always makes me a little sad when you find photos like these at antique shops or flea markets, that they would have been sold or cast aside rather than treasured as family heirlooms. I know … not everyone thinks like that, but I’m glad you gave these cuties a home, and I’m glad you shared them with us.


  13. Liz Stratton says:

    Such adorable little ones. The two boys bear a striking resemblance!


  14. Martin Lower says:

    A lovely picture! I can see why you bought it….


  15. tony says:

    I Bet It Was A Nightmare For The Photographer Trying To Get Them To Sit still!


  16. IntenseGuy says:

    I hope you save this photo! It’s a real gem!


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