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Lost and forgotten photos from the past


One of our final images from the Mearns Family Album is a photograph of a beautiful baby named Ann Beatrice Scarborough. I noticed than many of the Scarborough family photos were removed from the album. I can only guess that whoever wanted them missed this one because the identification information was written on the back. She was three months and one (day?) when this was taken. Her dress is gorgeous, with layers of eyelet and lots of lace, but she’s been placed on the ubiquitous animal pelt, ick.

The photographer was Lane in Brooklyn, NY.

5 thoughts on “Ann Beatrice Scarborough

  1. I can almost see someones arm on the right side under the pelt supporting the babies head. Beautiful gown:)


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    As you wrote in your post on Mrs. Everest of New York State, there were a number of Scarboroughs in the photo album and they were related to the Mearns (and thus the Rittenhouses et al). From what I can tell – this girl was born and raised in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1902. She was the daughter of William A. and Sarah J. (or I.) Scarborough. She had a brother named Howard O.

    William, Howard and Beatrice seem to be Scarborough “family names of choice”.

    William A., Wm. Austin, and Howard O. are buried in:
    Green-Wood Cemetery
    5th Avenue & 25th Street
    Brooklyn, New York USA

    along with 600,000 other persons in 478 acres.

    William A. (not the same person as Wm. Austin) was an “Egg Man,” producing and selling eggs for the market. He died in Apr., 1915 – so Anna B. would have been quite young at the time. Sarah Isabella died in 1937, and brother Howard in 1949. William A. was born in Cecil County, moved to PA when young, and then on to Brooklyn.

    I’m not sure of just how he links to the previously identified, nor do I know what became of her:

    Mary Ann Mearns, b. June 14, 1831 ; d. Apr 23, 1863; m. Howard Scarborough.
    Issue of Howard and Mary Ann (Mearns) Scarborough:
    – William Austin Scarborough, b. Dec. 8, 1856; m. Belle S. Watson, of Brooklyn, NY


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    I now think that Anna Beatrice was the daughter of:
    William Austin Scarborough, b. Dec. 8, 1856; m. Belle S. Watson, of Brooklyn, NY

    I think Belle S.’s “official” name was Sarah Isabella. William A. was Amy T. and William L. Mearns’ nephew – so this girl was William Mearns’ “great niece” (grand-niece?) .

    This could explain the photograph of William L. Mearns’ himself that was taken in Brooklyn. A visit to the family….


  4. GrammaA says:

    I noticed that the hand written spelling of her name was Baetrice. What am I missing?


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I had noticed that too but I assumed it was a mental typo of the person who wrote it. I have never seen the name spelled that way.


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