Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

These lovely children are placed in the Mearns Family Album next to the photo of Minnie Johns. Considering the news that Iggy found yesterday (that she had suffered from typhoid and her husband succumbed to it) it is unlikely that these were her children. You see, Minnie married Robert T. Groves on February 5, 1890, and in August that year it was reported that Robert Groves had died. Not quite enough time to produce two lovely children. Minnie was definitely a friend of the family as Rutledge Gifford was an usher at the wedding. Perhaps they knew each other from school or church. How sad to be married just seven short months.

Now back to the children. The boy looks a lot to me like the boy in the following photo.

What do you all think? While the pair of children was photographed in Geneva, NY and the small family was photographed in Columbia City, IN, we know that the family and friends of the Mearns lived in both areas. It is possible they moved from Indiana to New York. Tomorrow I’ll show you another photo I think is of this family and you can weigh in on that too.

Our first photographer was Theodore H. Wood and the second was Dot’s Studio.

One thought on “Cute Tykes

  1. They could be one and the same…I look at ears and eyes and the shape of the face. The Mother certainly looks like she could have given birth to the little girl:)


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