Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

According to one of my more favorite blogs Century of the Beard (dedicated to 19th century facial hair photographs and those who love them), this beard is called a “chin curtain.” Sounds good to me! This man from the Mearns Family Album is not identified. He appears to be younger middle age, perhaps late 30s, and has some extra padding on him, which was considered to be a sign of wealth! Of course a person who could afford to eat enough that he gains extra flesh, and also have his portrait featuring his gold watch fob and his chin curtain was certainly a man with some disposable income. We shall never know exactly who he was, unfortunately.

The photographer was F. Z. Fritz of Lambertville, NJ.

4 thoughts on “Victorian Facial Hair is Amazing

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Given the location of the photographer – I would think this is a “Rittenhouse”.

    Jeremiah Rittenhouse born May 25, 1806 and died at Rising Sun, Maryland in July 1882. He was twice married. His first wife was Anne, daughter of John Higgins and Precilla Werts of Kingwood. His second wife was Sarah Felty whom he married Jan 1, 1845. He removed from Hunterdon County to Bucks County, Pa., and from there to Maryland. The children by his first wife were Mary Jane, Eliza Ann and Amy T. Mary Jane married Benjamin R. Lair; Amy T. married W. L. Meanes (Mearns).

    If you saw Magnum PI, you know Mr. Higgins had a lot of money…. :)


  2. A chin curtain..thanks for the link to the beards..it may come in handy someday! I do have a few photos of men with beards:)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      He has a mustache site too altho I think it’s got more modern stuff on it. :-)


  3. He is a handsome chap. If he was rich too…well all the better for wife hunting!


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