Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This photograph is of different quality than the snapshots I have been showing you for the past few days. It feels a little flimsy, and it was glued onto that black photo album paper, then rather poorly cut out of the album altogether. This group of men does not actually look American to me, but I can’t make a guess at what nation’s military they represent. The fellow front and center (sitting on the bucket) has a different cap than all the others, so perhaps he is the captain?


2 thoughts on “Great War Era?

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I think this a group is US Marines Squad with some “brass”. A squad was 9- and later 13-men lead by a squad leader who was a sergeant (I think this is the man second to the far right – front row) and the assistant squad leader was a corporal (I think this is the man on the far right – front row).

    Mr. “Bucket” appears to be a (2nd?) Lieutenant, he would have led a a group of 16 to 44 men (two to four squads). I’m not sure how the other two men in the front row fit in – they are both sergeants too, the one with the nustache is more senior.


  2. This photo looks foreign to me..I have a similar uniform in the museum..the collar holds the clue..it should say something if you can make it out:)


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