Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

The dress this baby is wearing appears to be the same as our previous infant in a chair. Baby has a curious expression on her face. Not so much that she is curious, but an unusual expression, as though she is perplexed by this whole experience. “They’ve sat me on a chair in the yard and now they are pointing a box at me and my Mama is standing just over there…”

I regret to say that this is the last photo in the Green Fan Album. We have had some hints of who the people were, but nothing that really ties all the photos together. It is worth noting that the album can hold more photos that it actually does, leading me to believe that someone pulled out the photos they wanted and discarded the rest. We shall appreciate these photos for the slice of life they have captured for us.

3 thoughts on “Baby with a curious expression

  1. MAYBELLINE says:

    Holy cow. Just look at the depressing surroundings.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    I would have thought the photographer would have trimmed out the trash-strewn yard in this shot – and agree… the baby looks a little bewildered.

    This album seems to be “the tale of two cities” – Maryville, Nodaway County, Missourri and Savannah (Nodaway township), Andrew County, Missouri – separated by less that 30 miles – with Maryville nearly due north of Savannah.

    It is hard to say how the people in this album were related – blood and marriage – or geography, Church, or other happenstance. The surnames mentioned within the album all have/had family members living in this 30 mile slice of Missouri. Many of the families were extended (e.g., Vincent S. Joy’s adoption of his older sister’s many children) and many of the members therein remarried (some like Martin Wachtel, three times). There may be a family (I speculate) with a lot of women in it that formed the “backbone” relating the people photographed by blood and marriage. Who that family was – and who the “sisters” might have been – I do not know.


  3. Very interesting album, perhaps someone will find it online someday! :)


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