Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

There are only a few photos left in the Green Fan Album and even Iggy’s fantastic researching skills have as yet to crack this mystery. Of course, the dearth of names to help us has been the greatest obstacle. So far we know the owner was somehow acquainted with the Wachtels, Joys, Guisingers, VonKaenels and Talbots.

This unidentified young lad (I think) is quite handsome. Note the bowl haircut and round face. Also of note are his shoes, which are a popular children’s style from the Victorian era through the 1930s or so for children. They are a “prewalker” style that are sometimes called Chinese Slippers. The strap goes around the ankle rather than across the top of the foot as a Mary Jane shoe does. I have a pattern to make these shoes, and did, when my daughter was learning to walk.

2 thoughts on “Handsome lad

  1. Hey there, I passed some info to my mom to see if she can find anything, do any of the photos have a location on them?


  2. He is really cute! Thanks for sharing the info on the shoes:)


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