Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Our next photo from the Green Fan Album is a cabinet card dating from the 1880s and identified as Ellen Wachtel Joy. Her name is really Elizabeth but she must have gone by Ellen. Elizabeth married Vincent S. Joy on November 23, 1865 in Andrew County Missouri. The wedding took place at the home of her parents, with them as witnesses, and was performed by Samuel Huffman, minister of the Methodist East Church. I have no idea how the Joy’s are related to the Talbots.

The photographer was Mendenhall in Maryville, MO.

6 thoughts on “Ellen Wachtel Joy

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    The United States Census, 1880 for Ellen Joy (b. 1844 in Indiana) shows her married to farmer Vincent S. (b. 1832 in Ohio) who was quite a bit senior to her with daughter Julia E. (b. 1858 which is either a typo or Ellen was very young when she had her, I going to guess it “should be” 1868) living in Greene, Nodaway County, Missouri.

    Maryville is a city in Nodaway County about 24 miles west-ish of Greene. Andrew County is adjecent to Nodaway and to the south.

    The United States Census, 1850 for Elizabeth E(llen??) Wachtel shows her living in Nodaway, Andrew, Missouri which is about 5 miles from Maryville.

    She had a bunch of siblings. Her parents, Martin and Mary, had Sarah (b. 1842), Elizabeth E, Oriagot (son b. 1945 in Indiana), twins Henry and William (b. 1847 in Missouri).


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Vincent S. Joy is buried in the Miriam Cemetery, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri, Plot: Sec 6, Row 7, N-S. He died on Oct. 31, 1886 at the age of 54 y 11 m 19 d.

    Ellen is burried with him, and she died 49 years later on Jul. 8, 1935 at the age of 91 y 8 m 11 d.



  3. I am finally caught up with you again! Busy days! This is a wonderful cabinet card. She looks to be a strong woman:)


  4. good work intense guy!


  5. IntenseGuy says:

    I just looked into the photographer – he is David Mendenhall (b. 1836 in Ohio and residing in Elmwood, Peoria, Illinois in 1880 according to the US Census) He appears married to Amaeda Mendenhall, without children at age 44, and is listed as a photographer.

    In the 1900 US census, he is listed in Maryville, Nodaway, Missouri, widowed and listed as a photographer. What is curious is that some the cabinet cards on the web show “Mendenhall and son” – such as this one http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=370436567070 where as this one does not http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=330523868277

    Hmmm.. the 1900 US census only lists David Mendenhall in Maryville. By 1920 there is a whole crowd (literally 2 dozen or more) of Mendenhalls.

    At any rate – this photo of Ellen must date after the arrival of Mr. Mendehall. Is it odd that it is labelled Wachtel – even some 15 years after her marriage to Vincent?


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