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Lost and forgotten photos from the past


Again in the same hand, we have two CdVs identified as Florence Gardner. She was a lovely child, obviously well loved to have had two photographs taken of her at such a young age. I’d guess the vintage of these photos is approximately 1885-1890, due to the clothing style in the photo on the right. She appears to be about 5 years old in that photo. Below are the backs of the CdVs.


Both photos were taken in Michigan. Allegan is about 20 miles from Plainwell, where Frank Buxton’s photograph was taken. Both are near Otsego, and the Kalamazoo River runs through the area. An historic map of the town shows a fairly good sized town with a hospital, three railroad lines, and a race track. It’s very interesting to study.

6 thoughts on “Little Florence Gardner

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    United States Census, 1880 for Florence Gardner
    Residence: Otsego, Allegan, Michigan
    Birthdate: 1871
    Birthplace: Michigan, United States
    Father’s Birthplace: Michigan, United States
    Mother’s Name: Viola Gardner
    Mother’s Birthplace: Ohio, United States
    Household Gender Age
    Father Nelson b. abt 1847, married 31-Dec-1869 in Plainwell d. 08-Mar-1872 in Wayland, MI)
    Mother Viola Gardner F 29 (b. abt 1851 in Ohio)
    Florence Gardner F 9 (b. 04-Sep-1870)
    Mother’s sister: May Batsford F 24 (b. abt 1856)

    To check the photographer’s and photo-dates –

    United States Census, 1880 for Chas. Agrell
    Residence: Allegan, Allegan, Michigan
    Birthdate: 1848 (or January 1852)
    Birthplace: Sweden
    Martial Status: Single
    Age (Expanded): 32 years
    Occupation: Photograpic Artist

    The 1900 US census shows Charles G Agrell married (25-Mar-1896) to Carrie Johnson and living in St Ignace, Mackinac County, Michigan.

    United States Census, 1880 for Wallace White
    Residence: Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
    Birthdate: 1847
    Birthplace: Michigan, United States
    Gender: Male
    Martial Status: Married
    Occupation: Photographer
    Household Gender Age
    Wallace White M 33
    Spouse Julia White F 33

    The 1900 US census shows Wallace as a “Dealer, Music”.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    If this is the right Florence – she was orphaned at a very young age – and the photographs appear to predate 1880 and might even be around 1875.


  3. Mrs Marvel says:

    Iggy send me more info on Wallace White, at this link:


  4. She is a very cute little girl. I thought right away that they were earlier photos..just from the “look”..those really old CdV’s have a certain look to them:)


  5. Kymberli Ehresman says:

    My father owned an antique store here in Michigan many years ago so when I moved him into a more senior friendly assisted living facility I found many exciting treasures. Among those which looks like a private photo collection from Photographer Chas or Charles G. Agrell from Allegan Mi. Im not sure if his work is sentimental to you. He has so many items that I have no choice but to sell them. If you are interested in this book dating back to approximately 1880 to the turn of the century please let me knowe as I will then contact u to let u know when it will be available on ebay.

    Kymberli Ehresman


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