Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I have a series of 9 CdVs that appear to be related. I call them the Hakens/Whitton/Pease series as those are the last names on the photos. The time range of the photos appears to be from the early 1860s to about 1880. Work is going to keep me pretty busy this week, so feel free to post your researches and clues in the comments.

Harrison & Ann Whitton – early 1860s
Herbert & Malvina Whitton, Jericho, UT – early 1860s
I find it interesting that the name of the photographer is actually scratched off the back of the card.

Aunt Melinda Whitton – early 1860s

Grandma Hakins – early 1860s

Note the handwriting on some of these is from the same hand, but at least two people wrote the notes.

Sarah Pease – 1870-1880

Left to right, Guy S, Will B, Jim Shirley – early 1860s
Rollin Pease – 1870-1880
Mother B – early 1860s
Father B – early 1860s

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I would assume some of them moved to Utah from Vermont.

    The United States Census, 1850 shows the Whitton houshold living in Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont:

    Eli Whitton (b. abt 1791 in Vermont)
    Melinda Whitton (b. abt 1796 in Vermont)
    Harrison Whitton (b. abt 1825 in Vermont)
    Ann Whitton (b. abt 1829 in Vermont)
    Wealthy Whitton (b. 1849 in Vermont)

    I assume Eli and Melinda were husband and wife – I don’t know about Harrison and Ann – but given Wealthy’s age – I would assume she was Ann’s daughter.

    This could get interesting since they moved to Utah about the time the Mormons did.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    My goof. They lived in Jericho, Vermont… not UT… VT…

    :) and not Mormons…


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      I read that the same way and was looking forward to some Mormon polygamy or the like. :-)


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    “LUCIAN HUBERT CHAPIN was the son Herbert Smith & Malvina (Whitton) Chapin, of Jericho, & Burlington, Vt. b. Feb. 2, 1857, Jericho, Vt., d. June 9, 1906.”

    So Herbert’s full name was Herbert Smith Chapin, which explains all the scribbles on the back of his photo.


  4. IntenseGuy says:

    Evaline A. (born 1837), daughter Simeon Pease married John P. Whitton (b. Nov 1832). How Herbert and Harrison are related to John P., I don’t know (yet.)

    Simeon had another daughter, named Sarah (born 1821) and a son named Rollin (born 1841).

    Rollin Pease married a Sarah I. (nee. not known) (b. 1846) who I suspect is pictured above.


  5. IntenseGuy says:

    Guy Henry Shirley (b. 10 Nov 1857) son of James Shirley and Julia Ann (nee. ?) in 1885 living in Clearwater, MN.

    I haven’t determined what Julia Ann’s maiden name was.

    Much of the family history is in:

    Click to access jhsv1-v2.pdf


  6. IntenseGuy says:

    A small note – Fay and Ferris, Photographers were located in Malone, NY – Potsdam, NY is about 25-40 west of Malone. Malone, Potsdam, North Lawrence, NY and Jericho, VT are all “upstate” and near the Canadian border. Burlington, VT and Jericho are neighboring towns and lie on (or near) Lake Champlain about 85 miles nearly due east from Malone, NY.

    The scratched out photographer emblem/logo or decorative border thing is identical to the one used by Fay and Ferris.


  7. grace says:

    What a great collection of photos . I love Sarah’s hair do.


  8. What a great group of CdV’s..in the second photo I was glad to see that Malvina had the same kind of things ..ribbons whatever on her sleeves as a photo that I had a while back. I enjoyed the ladies dresses:)


  9. IntenseGuy says:

    James Shirley (b. 1789 in New Hamshire) married Julia Ann Hakins on Nov. 5, 1846 in Colchester, Chittenden, Vermont.

    Both Guy and Will Shirley were their sons. James Sr. died and Julia Ann moved to Minnesota with her son Guy between 1880 and 1885.

    So we know the Pease’s and Whitton’s were related via John P. Whitton and Evaline A. Pease. We know the Chapin’s were related via Herbert Smith Chapin and Malvina Whitton. The Hakins and the Shirley’s were related.

    How the Hakins-Shirley’s were related to the Pease’s-Whitton’s we don’t know (yet). Nor do we know how John P Whitton is related to Harrison Whitton.

    We don’t know who Will B., Mother B., Father B. are. I suspect they are the missing link. I suspect the original owner of these photos was a Whitton and/or a “B” – in the other CdV collection a family named Borrowdale is mentioned.


  10. IntenseGuy says:

    P.s., Julia Ann Haskin’s mother was Esther M Haskins (b. 1801). If she is “Grandma Haskins” then…. one of these might be Mother “B”?

    United States Census, 1850 for Esther M Haskins
    Residence: Underhill, Chittenden, Vermont
    Age: 49 years
    Calculated Birth Year: 1801
    Birthplace: Vermont
    Gender: Female
    Household Gender Age
    Thomas Haskins M 46y
    Esther M Haskins F 49y
    –Prudence Haskins F 22y
    –Calvin Haskins M 20y
    –Julia (Ann) Haskins F 17y
    –Tilda Haskins F 14y
    –John Haskins M 12y
    –Hevelda Haskins F 9y
    –Sally Haskins F 6y


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      Mother B looks to be in her 40s to 50s in the early 1860s, so birth around 1810-1825, you think? I wonder if Father B is the connection. I so wish they had used the full name!


  11. IntenseGuy says:

    I’ve not been able to tie any of the Haskins women to a spouse who’s last name starts with an “S”. It’s still possible that one of Prudence (1828), Tilda (Matilda) (1836), Hevelda (1841), or Sally did so (1844).

    If Will B. is the son of Mother and Father B., it would appear that he was born around same time as Guy Shirley (1844) and James Shirley (Jr.) (1846-ish). That would seem to rule out these Haskins women being his mother as they wouldn’t have been old enough.

    So – digging deeper and deeper… I find this:


    Which says, Irene B. Haskins, was adopted by Clayton and Caroline Haskins, and her name was Irene Bent. However I can’t find a Will Bent born ca. 1845 in the area. So the pondering goes on.

    In “ROSTER OF VERMONTERS Who Served In The CIVIL WAR,” 1861+, ©1998, Page 463 I found this:

    Rollin Pease of Burlington, VT
    Enlisted Aug. 23, 1862. Mustered in Oct. 4, 1862 into 12th Regiment, “Howard Guard of Burlington, Co.” Company C (part of the 2nd Vermont Brigade) Mustered out July 14, 1863.

    So Rollin was a Civil War vet and was mustered out just after the unit served guarding the ammunition train at Gettysburg.


    Also serving in Rollin’s unit was George Benedict who was awarded a Congressional Medal of honor.

    “Mr. Benedict married as his second wife on the 22d of December, 1864, Catherine Almira, daughter of the Rev. Alvin Pease, D. D., and Martha (Howes) Pease of Rochester, N. Y. A daughter, who died in infancy, and one son were the fruits of his second marriage.”

    Could the Benedicts be the “B” family? :)


  12. IntenseGuy says:

    John P. Whitton’s father was Abijah Whitton (b. 1795 d. 1873 in Jericho).

    Abijah Whitton was one of 5 children of [unknown] Whitton: Eli (b. 1791), Luther (b. 1798), Abijah, Lucretia (b. 1794) and Peggy (b. ? first born).

    Eli and (Aunt) Melinda (pictured) Whitton was Harrison’s Whitton’s father. So John P. Whitton and Harrison Whitton were cousins. John P. Whitton and Evaline A. (Pease) Whitton would have called Melinda “Aunt”.

    Evaline A. (Pease) Whitton and Rollin Pease were sister/brother.


  13. IntenseGuy says:

    My latest and last theory and comment/reply – census records do not go back beyond 1850 so its difficult to piece together families forming in the 1820s. I theorize that a Haskins married a Whitton, perhaps even “my” [unknown] Whitton. Peggy married a Jonah Marsh. Lucretia married a Timothy How(e). Luther married Beulah (unknown). Eli married Melinda (unknown).

    I found a record stating Laura A. Whitton (b. 1813 d. 1895) was the wife of George Bicknell 1809-1896. This might make them Father and Mother B.

    I also found a record stating Mattie J Haskins (b. unknown – Aug. 28, 1891) was the wife of Charles E Blood. This might make them Father and Mother B.

    http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=cr&GSsr=1281&GScid=2183013&CRid=2183013&pt=Jericho%20Center%20Cemetery& show many of the “cast of characters” above – and shows headstones for them – Abijah Whitton, Simeon Pease, and Herbert Smith Chapin included.


  14. sara says:

    im looking to get some info on a photo album that i found wile in lake placid ny. all of the pics are older to super old. the only thing i can find to id the book is a logo that looks like the logo from the pic you have. it is a fay and ferris book. any one have a clue? i can give photos if needed.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Hi Sara,

      Without names of the people it is very difficult to trace photos, even a hint of a name can help. I once identified an entire family photograph album based on the first names of three children, so it can be done. The CdV era ran from the 1860s through the 1890s. If you want more info on dating the photos, try PhotoTree.com, which is a great resource. In general, square cornered cards suggest pre-1870, and during the 1860s there are variations of the borders that help nail down dates a little further. If there are stamps on the backs of any photos, that will firmly date them to 1864-1866. Prior to those years some CdVs were hand cut out and you could find crooked edges or even flimsy card stock to help you date them. I’d be more than happy to look at the photos to help you date them if you’d like. I tend to look at the fashions as they are fairly delineated in the late 19th century and can help pinpoint dates based on what people were wearing. You can contact me at norkio at gmail dot com.

      Martha Gibbons aka Mrs Marvel


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