Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This is a CdV from the 1870s or so. This lady has some really interesting hair going on, doesn’t she? I’m not very good with hairstyles, though if I really look I can find some information about them. Let me just say that you will never find me at a Victorian event with this particular hair style. The hair in front is crimped – you can tell because the waves are even across the head. Crimping became popular and stayed for quite a while into the 1880s, I believe.

She also has some ornate chandelier style earrings. The French hook was used in this time period, as the ball and stud were not developed until the 20th century.

She has very deep eyes, which give the photo a lot of depth and detail. Makes me wonder if here eyes were deep due to genetics (a la Sir Paul McCartney) or from illness.

3 thoughts on “What interesting hair

  1. Do you think that just her bangs are crimped? Her hair seems to be pulled back..and the bangs crimped and drawn to each side. Her fancy bun seems out of place..but perhaps it made her feel better…she may have been ill. I love her earrings, I always liked French Wires the best:)


  2. Titania says:

    It is interesting detective work to find out who the young woman was. Looking at her eyes she might have suffered from Basedow Hyperthyrodism.Perhaps those were her normal eyes, very large and expressive. She strikes me to be of Italian or Spanish descent, perhaps. Anyway it is an interesting and beautiful photo.


  3. Tony says:

    Yes, A Latin Lady? Her Expression suggests to Me , a fine mix of Strength & Vulnerability (but I’m a rotten judge of character! I could be totally wrong!)


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