Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Here’s cabinet card #3 from the C. Murray Album, a lady in her 40s I would guess. From what I can find, the Hutchings Railroad Photo Car was a train car set up as a traveling photography studio. The other cabinet cards I have seen have slight variations on the inscription but all say the same thing. The studio was know to have operated in Nebraska in the 1880s to 1890s at least.

This lady has a mannish jacket bodice with an inset and rather lacy collar. The white fluff at the center could be a floral embellishment, and there is also a brooch at her throat. The neckline shows a blouse underneath the dress, evidenced by the thin white collar. The look of the 1880s and 1890s was trending toward an elongated neck, hence the stand up collars.

2 thoughts on “Who was she? #2

  1. Intense Guy says:

    A quick search of google images turns up a variety of “inscriptions” of hutchings railroad photo car. I wonder if there is a way to date the photo from the inscription style. The may also be a photographers catalog still in existance somewhere – they sold reprints so they had to have a way to identify the picture.


  2. I found the dates to be 1886 to 1888. I have a similar photo, same card stock smaller printing for the Railroad and Photo Co. and mine is a child, I think a boy. Far Guy was looking up what kind of a train car this was..he says “It was a cool looking car! ”

    I guess the layered look was in, this lady has a whole lot going on around her neck:)


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