Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I suspect this image is from either the late 1860s or very early 1870s The style of the dress is still within the fuller skirts and fitted bodice era of the 1860s, but seems more fashion forward of the 1870s. It could be right on the cusp. The card mount itself is an 1860s style mount with the square corners and line borders – but we know from examples that sometimes photographers used up their old stock before moving to the new styles. Generally, there is a “cut off” between 1860s and 1870s of the mount styles, with the rounded corners and smooth buffered cards in pinks, pearls, and other colors becoming available in the 1870s.

The photographer was Jas. E. Canfield at 322 Warren Street, Hudson, NY. Hudson is a small town in New York founded in the 17th century by Dutch merchants. It is across the river from Albany, and over the years enjoyed growth, trade, wealth and controversy. Not only does this hundreds-years-old town have the notoriety of having missed being the capitol of the state by one vote, it also was the center of crime, prostitution and gambling in the state during the first half of the 20th century. A fascinating amount of history can be found online about Hudson.

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