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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

A bowl of poinsettias

A bowl of poinsettias

This little card is folded in half and tied with a red silk ribbon, to the left. The border is faded, but still visible as cheerful red.The illustration is simple, probably continuing in the arts and crafts influenced mode we have seen so much of on previous posts. The bowl on the table has poinsettia blooms, candles are lit, and holly sprigs abound. A simple “Merry Christmas” hails the recipient.

Inside sentiment

Inside sentiment

Inside the card, we have more text. It reads:

A Christmas Wish For Your Home

May the things that make for gladness / And the things that make for cheer / Bless your home in great abundance / When the Christmas-tide is here

Is the wis of your friends Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Miller and Family

There is no publisher information or printing company on the card, only a series number, which is series 1139, and also these were made in the USA.

One thought on “A Christmas Wish For Your Home

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    There are over 30 Wallace Millers in the 1920 US Census!

    One of them sent a pretty card.



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