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Lantern and flowers

Lantern and flowers

This Christmas card features a red border, red, green and black inks as well as gold metallic ink, all depicting flowers, holly and a lantern. The sentiment is:

A bright and happy Christmas Season / and all good wishes for the Coming Year

Stena K. Hetland

It is possible the sender was Stena K Hetland of Colorado and Iowa. I found someone with that name, born June 23, 1894, died May 1984. She was a teacher of history and English at Edgewater High School in 1947. Believe it or not, I found at least two other matches to the name, one spelled Stina and one lacking the middle initial. All three were born in a ten year span and two of them lived in Iowa.

3 thoughts on “A bright and happy Christmas Season

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I think you have the right Stena. Bron in Iowa, taught in Colorado – and ended up in Illinois.

    Find A Grave Memorial# 138415153


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    I think her brother Anton S Hetland was buried in the same cemetery – might explain how she ended up there.


  3. norwegian says:

    I think this Stena K. Hetland was born in Kendall, Illinois. Her parents were Norwegian, imigration 1891/1892, and her given name was Stine Katrine Hetland. The name is the same as her Norwegian aunt in Iowa got as her given name. The aunt used the name Stine Eade in the US, but you can also find her at http://www.familysearch.org as “Stena Hetland”, living in Hamilton County, Iowa. The oldest Stena Hetland was my gg grandmother :). I think it must be correct that Anton (Severt?) Hetland was her brother.


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