Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Liberty Bell 8

Locket lady

Tonights photograph is from the Liberty Bell album and features a soft faced middle aged woman. She has her hair carefully combed close to her head. Her dress looks to be from a wool or silk and features a high neckline, many gathers on the bodice and puffed sleeves. The style is from near the turn of the century, I believe. She is also wearing a locket on a chain, close to her throat.

The photograph was made by W. P. Tilton Jr, o Exeter, NH. William P. Tilton Jr, was the son of William and Sarah Tilton, born in 1859. There were several other William Tilton’s in New Hampshire, particularly as one of the towns was founded in the 1600s by a Tilton. This particular William Tilton was married to Annie, and they operated the Tilton Studio during the 1890s and into the 20th century.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Bell 7

  1. She looks like a kind lady. The dress fabric is a print. I am always drawn to them:)


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