Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Happy baby

Happy baby

This baby is very happy! Look at the bright eyes and smile while the infant looks off at Mama or Papa. Babies start to smile socially around 6-8 weeks of age on average, though some start younger and some wait a while longer. Before that age, babies smile reflexively from various stimuli, including gas, hunger, tickling and cuddling. The social smile is an intentional smile. These are the best smiles, especially when Baby is very young. It is a special moment shared between Baby and Mama or Papa, Auntie or Grandma, and there isn’t much that can compare. when a baby has very few ways to express herself, a cry or a smile go a long way.

The photographer of this smiling tot was Smith out of Columbus, IN. The style of print and mount are consistent with the 1920s.

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