Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Christmas 9

Christmas 1969, the photo is identified as “Alice’s new hair.” The photo itself is a Polaroid, the type before the instant print that fed out of the front of the camera. The photo was snapped, then pulled out of the side of the camera. The protective sleeve was removed, then the photo developed as the photographer waited. It was then mounted onto a firm card, where the photographer could write notes about the image, and the card made the photo inflexible and not very bendable. The photos have amazing¬†resiliency of color and do not appear to fade much over time. I have others like this one and the color and depth of image are still lovely 40 years on. This is what I love about film versus digital.

It is Christmas Eve today, so hopefully you are too busy with your family and looking at this retroactively. (Honestly I am pre-writing this, heh.)

3 thoughts on “Alice’s new hair

  1. Do you suppose it was a wig? Or a hairpiece..they were popular back in 1969..I had a hairpiece that I used full of curls..I would pull my hair up and pin it on and it looked wonderful:)
    Merry Christmas!! :)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Since I know the people who took the photo I discovered it is in fact a wig. A blonde one.


  2. The instant Polaroid snap gets neglected as a collectible but it definitely has its place in our modern culture. My favorites are the old B&W Polaroid photos which were almost a sepia tone. I had one of the circa 1980s cameras which used 10 shot film packs that included a built-in chemical battery. I saved a few empty packs and even though some are over 25 years old the batteries still hold a charge!

    Best wishes for a bright new year.


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