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Lost and forgotten photos from the past



Up for your consideration is a photograph identified as E. Gill. Popular men’s names starting with E in the 1860s were Edward, Edwin, Eugene, Eustace, Edgar, Ebenezer, Ephrahim….the list goes on. Perhaps Iggy can find an E. Gill who was born around 1840-1845 and who is obviously related to the Hendrickson family.

The photographer used here was Richard Walzl‘s Palace of Photography in the Marble Building, No 103 W Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD.

6 thoughts on “E. Gill

  1. usermattw says:

    “Palace of Photography”. So grand! :-)


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Well, I have been unable to determine who E. Gill might be (I suspect he is Edward Chew Gill) but I’ve no proof and no link to the Hendrickson – Smouse family.

    I have determined that the Hendricksons and Smouse families have more than just Milton C Hendrickson and his wife Laura Smouse linking them. Laura Smouse was Henry Peter Smouse Jr.s daughter.

    Milton’s father, Rev. Oliver Perry Hendrickson married Sarah Ann Folck who was Sophia Smouse’s daughter. Sophia’s sister, Pricilla married Oliver Perry’s brother, John Neff Hendrickson. Both Sophia and Pricilla were Henry Peter Sr.’s daughters.

    Oliver Perry Hendrickson, his father Jonathan Hendrickson and Henry Peter Smouse Sr. were both from Bedford, Pennsylvania and moved to the Cumberland, Maryland area around 1815.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      So it was another case of kissing cousins and intermarriage to confuse historians like us!


    2. Mary Burke says:

      My father in law ,Bryan O Burke Jr. was the Grandson of Orion P Hendrickson. For some dumb reason I do not see the photo that is being referred to! Would love to hear from anyone that can shed some light on the issue. I have photos of Orion’s daughter Grace Anna Hendrickson. Thanks! Mary Burke


    3. Mary Burke says:

      Hello Intense Guy,
      This is an interesting website. Are you related to the Hendrickson’s? I am researching Grace Anna Hendrickson. She is my husbands great grandmother. I am especially looking for the date and place that she married Lewis/Luther Burke. Any help you could give on this would be wonderfully appreciated. Mary Burke


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    According to the 1900 US Census, Grace Anna Hendrickson (Jan. 19, 1879 – Jul. 5, 1941) married Lewis Burke in 1893. She would have been very young at the time. The couple were living in Green, Platte, Missouri at the time – Grace Anna eventually passed away in Glendale, Los Angeles. Her mother’s maiden name was Neff.

    FindAGrave# 85358725

    I am not related.


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