Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past



This fellow has delightfully curly hair and a look on his face that just tickles my fancy. One eyebrow is slightly higher than the other, as though he were questioning the abilities of the photographer during the session. James S. Woodley was known to have been in business in 1867 in York, PA, which is in keeping with the style of image shown here. The back of the photo indicates that the studio was located at the corner of George & Main Streets, over Lebach & Brothers store. In ’67, Woodley photographed a local Lutheran church ceremony of the Reformation, celebrating the 350th anniversary of Lutheranism.

3 thoughts on “Curly haired rogue

  1. Annie says:

    Love it : ). The proto-Earl Hickey (Jason Lee) from My Name is Earl.


  2. Alan Burnett says:

    Great old image – the hair would almost be stylish in these days – Nothing changes.


  3. Annie! Ha ha! “Earl” had a past life!


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