Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I have a large pile of cdvs of men, young and old, average and interesting, so I thought I’d showcase some men this week.


First, a young man, sullen looking really, who was photographed by David Baily in Tamaqua, PA. The red detailing and rounded corners, along with the weight of the card stock place this photograph in the 1870s. I like the neck tie he is wearing. It reminds me of the type seen on some modern formal wear. He is wearing a vest under his coat.


This young man has a rather unfortunately large upper lip, making his mouth look pursed, almost like he just sucked on a lemon. His hair is combed into a “flip” right at the temple, which I believe was popular in the 1870s and 1880s. The photographer was Frank Z. Fritz of Lambertville, NJ.


The final cdv for today is another young man who reminds me of my nephew. He has a nice round face and serious look about him, but I bet he is quite nice looking when smiling. The photographer in this instance was E. S. Wertz of Allentown, PA.

8 thoughts on “Young Men

  1. I noticed that all these men parted their hair on the same side. Not that it means anything.:)


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Tamaqua… Lambertville, and Allentown… all within 50 miles of my place. :)

    I recall photographer Fritz from the Mearns and Family album.

    David Baily was born in Oct 1829… and listed as a photograher (age 50) in 1880’s US Census and retired from photography by 1900.


  3. The photos are neat, but I like the back stamps. I have never seen gleaming cameras used in the logos like this. And Frank Z. Fritz is so fun to say.


  4. Nick S. says:

    I have a female photo from Fritz if your interested. Sunken eyes to give her a hollow express which really adds to her religious neckless, and a hair style I obviously can’t describe not being a hair stylus.


  5. Guy Bailey III says:

    David Bailey was my great, great grandfather and it’s a thrill to view some of his works. Interesting that his son, Albert (my great grandfather), followed in his footsteps, but died young in 1892, but my grandfather, Guy Bailey Sr., was an avid photographer, though not by profession, and maintained a darkroom most of his life. My father, Guy Jr., also had a dark room and loved photography and I consider it my main hobby, so I think there may be some genetics involved!


  6. clippermailfan says:

    Re:Frank Z Fritzs

    Interesting that this is a portrait of a young man.I have quite a few Fritz portraits cdv and cabinet cards ALL of them young women.
    Fritz originally started out as ” Ferrotypes at Frank Z.Fritz’s Photograph Traveling Gallery”
    I’m guessing l
    done in the late 1860s early 70s. The back logo on yours is likely shortly after 1870 as it bears no studio address. The 1870 census lists him as 30 photographer, single and apparently living in a boarding house. By 1880 he is married and living at 53Coryell St . All the
    Cabinet Cards have the 32 N.Union St Lambertville NJ.
    The 17659 penciled at the bottom is the negative number. This photo is just a bit later then the earliest one I have also from his ” ” traveling”(no addresss) it’s 17360. My latest cdvs are in the 20400 range


    1. clippermailfan says:

      More Frank Z Fritz:
      Fritz apparently trained in Philadelphia and came to Lambertville in 1867 he practiced there into the 1890s


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