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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Here we have a photo identified as Mary Lair (or possibly Lain or Sain), who was the granddaughter of Amy Lair / Lain / Sain. This photo was made using the collodion process, which dates it after 1894. Additionally, the cardstock used is the white and embossed card that evolved into the type of mounts used in the 20th century. Mary is a pretty girl, seated on a fur of some type and wearing a lovely white dress with lace on the petticoat and black buttoned shoes. The photograph was made by Jeanes, who also photographed her grandmother. It doesn’t make sense that the grandchild would be photographed by a different process than the grandmother, so I surmise these were two different sittings with some time between them.

6 thoughts on “Mary Lair

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Oy. From the top…

    Benjamin Ritthenhouse Lair (son of Elizabeth Rittenhouse) married Mary Jane Rittenhouse (daughter of Jeremiah Rittenhouse – sister of Amy T. Mearns). Mary Jane Lair (b. 1831 d. 1906)

    They had the following children: Isabella Lair (b. 1865), Jeremah Lair (b. 1867), William A Lair (b. 1868) and Amy M(earns?) Lair (b. 1870).

    William A (sometimes shown as H in the US Census) Lair was married to Ida V. and they had daughters Mary Jane (b. 1896 – who I assume is pictured here) and (yet another) Amy M. Lair (b. 1901).


  2. John Wray says:

    Benjamin would have been my grandfather’s (Edgar Romine Lair). Does anyone have any pics of Benjamin/his wife or their son Jeremiah? I’m writing a book on the Wray/Lair family (my dad and mom respectively). Any pics or additional ancestory would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks, John Wray


    1. Susan Burton Harlow says:

      Hi John: I hope this reaches you since we are related. My paternal grandmother was Amy Lillian Lair and the sister of Ed Romine Lair. (Daughter of Jeremiah and Lottie Lair). I have some family history and a few pictures of Lottie & Jerry. If you want to get in touch, just send me an email. Thanks, Susan Burton Harlow


  3. Janice Earliene Carr says:

    Do you know anything about a ROMINE married to a Hann? (I believe John ROMINE & Catherine Hann?) Somehow they are related to my husband, James William Carr (deceased) from Calvert,Co. Md.. The LAIR family is directly connected as well as the Hanns. His Mother’s direct line > was Olive Ida Snyder of Ridgewood, N.J.,(wife of James Entwisle Carr), her mother, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Amy Lair, (wife of Gardner Johnson Snyder ) & Daughter Of John Lair & Mary Hann, daughter of Edmond P. Lair & Elizabeth Maclone (see 1870 &1880 Census for Hunterdon,Co. N.J..) ALL INFO ON JOHN LAIR (b. 1846) IS ABOVE ^ UNDER THE COMMENTS ON AMY LAIR’S PICURE. ALTHOUGH I HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OF INFORMATION FROM THE “INTENCE GUY” & “Mrs Marvel” THEyHAVEREALLY SOLVED A LOT OF INFO. FOR ME, BUT I AM STILL PUZZLED ON HIS PARENTAGE? (See 1850 Census) it gives Phillip & Mary Lair as his Parents, but I have a will saying Amy Lair Apgar was Grandmother to “Lizzie”? This is a mystery? ACCORDING TO THE CENSUS AMY & JOHN are SIBLINGS. > Since you are dong a BOOK on the LAIR family, I assume you know a lot on the LAIRS – I am hoping you can solve this problem for me? Thanks so much in advance! Jan Carr
    The family above your comment are related, but I will have to look my records up as to how?, as this is by memory for now! Also many of the people in the cemetery are related. Until later!


  4. Janice Earliene Carr says:

    The information I was talking about that I thought was above (on this page) is instead on the previous page under the picture of Amy Lair. Sorry!


  5. Janice Earliene Carr says:

    OOPS! Elizabeth Hann- not Catherine! Sorry :(


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