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Mearns Family Album

A while back I told you that I had acquired several photo albums just waiting to be explored. Today we will start looking at what I call the Mearns Family Album, so titled because there are many Mearns family members named and photographed. Iggy, you will be in heaven I’m sure! :-)

First up in the album is a very nice photograph of Bert Chugston (updated, Clugston) and his dog. We always hear that studio portraits of dogs or people and their dogs are relatively rare because of the difficulty of capturing the dog before it moves. This is an excellent photograph made by Jos. Essig out of Leeswell Indiana. The photo is dated February 20, 1890.

UPDATE: Iggy has identified this as Herbert B. Clugston of LARWILL, Indiana. He was born in Nov 1876 to David B. and Margaret A. Clugston.

4 thoughts on “The Mearns Family Album

  1. What a wonderful photo..I am always on the look out for Cabinet Cards with animals..this is a great one..a boy and his dog..perfect:)


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Too bad they didn’t include the dogs name… I would have wanted to know it – You think he/she had any offspring? :)


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    Hmmm… the very first photo is a challenge. It appears that the photographer might have been operating in Leesville (and not Leeswell). I found a Bert CLugston born in Indiana in August, 1865, that moved to Mansfeild, Ohio by 1900 working as a traveling salesman. The guy in the picture doesn’t look 25 years old to me though. Maybe the dog is a lot bigger than I think he/she is…


  4. IntenseGuy says:

    On further review – I’m much more confident that this is Herbert B. Clugston of LARWILL, Indiana. He was born in Nov 1876 to David B. and Margaret A. Clugston. Larwill, is 25 miles west of Fort Wayne.

    He is listed as a salesman of dry goods. And eventually has at least 4 children.

    There is a Joseph Essig (born 1837) listed living in Larwill in the 1880 US census showing him to be a “jeweler”.


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