Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I particularly like this photograph from Newcastle on Tyne in England. The subject is an older man and his two dogs, one an Irish setter and the other looking a lot like a spaniel of some kind. I find it revealing that he chose to be photographed outside with his puppies rather than in a stuffy drawing room, and that sentiment makes me wonder if he was a hunter. I also love that the card itself is orange! I have seen so many yellow, white, pink and beige cards that a bright orange one really stood out. I paid a whopping $5 for this photo and half again as much for shipping.

The photograph is from the 1890s almost certainly. It has a glossy finish and there is a “padded” quality to the photo, giving it actual depth. The very edges of the card are red, although that can’t be seen in the scan. The photographer was H. S. Mendelssohn at 17  19 Oxford Street, Newcastle on Tyne.

6 thoughts on “Man and his dogs

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Looks like the big dog shifted his/her back foot and stepped on the little one – the little one’s head is moving back as to say, “Hey! watch it bud!”

    The man looks like he has a grip on the big dog with both hands!


  2. Mrs Marvel says:

    I agree, Iggy and again I am brought around to “he wanted to be photographed with his dogs.” They must have meant a lot to him. An outdoorsman or maybe a breeder, or just someone who loved his dogs better than any people he knew.


  3. I would have been tempted to buy this one too! He must have loved his dogs. I noticed the blanket or coverlet on the chair for him to sit on. I bet he was ill and did not leave the house often. The dogs seem to love having him outdoors for company. I have never seen a orange border on a cabinet card..very cool:)


  4. The man is holding the dogs chin…either in a pet or in an attempt to get a good profile shot of the dogs head. His other hand is holding the edge of his jacket. It just looks like he is holding the dog. He would be more twisted if he was holding him with two hands. Love this photo!


  5. ursus says:

    Window and Grove was a commercial photographic company active in London, England, from the 1870s. In 1873 the firm was located at 63A Baker Street, Portman Square Window and Grove had one of the first photographic studios in Baker Street. In circa 1890 the firm took over all of 63 Baker Street. In 1908 the company also opened a studio at 58 Westbourne Grove (Pritchard 1994, pp.120-121).
    Sources: Pritchard, Michael (1994), ‘A directory of London photographers 1841-1908’. Watford: PhotoResearch.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Great info, I appreciate the input! It always helps to know dates and locations.


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