Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today’s photo is also from the gigantic box and features nurse Louise or Laurie Doyle, RN in 1966. The note on the back of the photo also says Hillside Hospital. The photo is a wallet size, matte finish with that bumpy “school photograph” texture. I remember when my cousin got her nursing degree in the 1980s she also got the cap, but was only photographed in it for her graduation photo. Nurses caps had fallen out of favor and fashion by that point.

Originally the nurse cap was designed to keep the hair in place and present a modest appearance, as well as to quickly identify the nurses in a large group of people. Florence Nightingale, who was the pioneer female nurse in the 1800s, originated the cap at her school of nursing in London. Click through the link to a wiki article about the fascinating woman who gave us the nursing profession we know today.

3 thoughts on “Nurse Doyle

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    There are a lot of Hillside Hospitals – including the one in San Diego.

    Could this be LOUISE DOYLE (b. 08-Feb-1943 d. 01-Apr-2007 at the age 64 in Jamaica, Queens, NY)?

    I see mentions of a Louise Doyle being a nurse in that area – and there is a Hillside Hospital in nearby Glen Oaks, NY (out a little ways on Long Island). She seems to be mentioned as “Ms.” so perhaps she never married?

    You have another mysterious collection of photos there…. :)


  2. Nurses week is may 6 to the 12..I will be featuring a few old Nurses photos then, it is interesting to see yours:)


  3. kelli says:

    I have a nurses picture that was given to me with a group of nurses there clothes look to be from the 1900s the picture has no marks,names or date on it i wish i could find out who they were. One of the women look alot like me it was found in a old school building and the picture itself is on a thick cardboard if anyone can help me find out when or who these ladys where please let me know .


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