Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This wedding photo is of an Asian family. I’m guessing based on other photos found in the same box that they could be Filipino or Chinese. I have no way of knowing for certain though. I think the photo might be from the 1960s.

A note for readers, I have added a few enhancements to this blog. First, over there on the right hand side, I have added the names of photographers. This is a great help to me when I’m doing research and find a listing such as that on a blog, so I have added this category. Second, I added a page up at the top called Mid 19th Century Ladies Clothing Dates, which includes a very brief description of the clothing that was worn between 1860-1900. I will continue to add to it as I learn more about 19th century clothing and I welcome all input on historical fashions. The purpose of the page is to assist in dating photographs through clothing. If anyone has input on 19th century mens fashions, please leave a comment! That is one area I am severely lacking in knowledge. Finally, I have expanded the vision of the site to include 20th century photographs rather than limiting myself to 19th century ones.

As always, I thank you for your patronage. It is my goal to share old photographs to keep them from being lost to history forever. If in some way I can enhance the world through this goal it will be through making an impression on you, my reader. Onward, friends, and into the past!

2 thoughts on “Happy day

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    :) I like the list of photographers. Just a small note – Esterline is Easterline (as in the Easter bunny).

    I think this family looks Filipino to me. They seem to look like the people you saw when they photographed Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. But I’m no expert on that.

    The white shirted groom’s man – and the silk pjs on the little boy are interesting visual clues to ethnicity (even though I don’t know what they mean.)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I’m hopeful the silk pjs will help too, heh. Perhaps someone familiar with the wedding or celebratory clothing of the region can shed some light on this photo.


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