Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This photo is one of the batch I bought at Keepers, and I can see this lovey image framed and on someone’s piano, perhaps in the sunny conservatory. The hairstyle is the late 19th/early 20th century Gibson Girl style although the dress leads me to believe it’s a bit later, perhaps early teens. The girl looks quite young in the face; she’s wearing a bracelet on her left arm and possible a ring on her right ring finger. The photographer name is S. R. Cormish or Cornish of Columbus, Indiana.

UPDATED: Intense Guy found a reference from 1916 that JR Cornish had retired from the Cornish Brothers photography business and that the business would continue as SR Cornish. So we can safely date this photograph to 1916 or later.

6 thoughts on “Poufy hairdo

  1. IntenseGuy says:


    And what does the “bed head” version look like?

    Such a beautiful dress though.

    I’m so tired of the “Initals” for a name thing… I’m glad that has gone out of style (mostly). S. R. … was taking pictures, for sure in 1906, I’ll see if I can find the “dude”.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    In Bulletin of photography, Volume 19 edited by John Bartlett, Frank V. Chambers, Francis Stapleton Chambers, a weekly newpaper, there is a item in No. 477 Wednesday September 27 1916, that says “J R Cornish has retired from the firm of Cornish Brothers, Columbus, Indiana. The business will be conducted in the future by S R Cornish alone.”

    The 1910 census shows the brothers living together. S R was born abt 1875, married to Minnie and older brother J R was was born in 1870.


  3. Nancy says:

    What a beautiful photograph. She looks very unrelaxed…. Her dress has so much detail – just lovely.


  4. The ivory coloring of the image and frame are stunning.


  5. She is lovely..and the frame really compliments this photo. I saw one of these setees for lack of better word in an Antique shop the other day..60 dollars..I have enough chairs..but I thought it was elegant looking..I even sat in it! I think early teens too on this one..1911 to 1914…because of family photos we have from about that date..some of the hair styles took a long time to come to people who lived in rural areas. :)


  6. deborahdoty says:

    sr cornish was my husbands great grandfather. we are always trying to find info on him, as he did not leave much of a paper trail. after jr left the business, he went somewhere else and so little is known. we do know that the brothers immigrated from canada. thank you for posting, as any info helps.


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