Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

For a proud Sepia Saturday submission, I give you the Trunk family, probably from the Youngstown, OH area. Benedicta is the girl kneeling in the front in the dark dress. She is lovely. In fact, I’ve really not given the rest of the family any attention at all because Ben draws my notice so. There is a note indicating that the girl hugging Ben is Ruth, her sister. There is another photo from this same day but in front of a railroad office. Maybe one of the family was leaving on a trip?

The family must have been large, as here we have notations for John, Leona (?), Rosa, Ruth, Min, Ann, another R name, and Ben, all around an older woman. I’m aware of another sister named Gertrude, and possible a brother named Joseph. The photo above had been pasted into one of those old black page photo albums at some point, and then cut out of the book and placed into another photo album.

The second photo album is what I have come across. It’s quite interesting, with a celluloid cover of white, with an art deco font stating “Remember Me.” Sadly, this album wound up on eBay. Many of the photos are missing, I assume collected by the children or grandchildren of the brothers and sisters. I think Ben may have never married, and if so, it’s sad that she was left behind.

8 thoughts on “Family outing?

  1. Joan says:

    Gorgeous photos. The girls are beautiful and I love the clothes. Isn’t Benedicta a lovely name.


  2. Alan Burnett says:

    You bring the family back to life and thus there is no sadness that it ended on E-Bay. That first photograph is absolutely gorgeous, especially when enlarged. Great Sepia Saturday post.


  3. Nana Jo says:

    Benedicta; lovely girl with a beautiful, interesting name. I love the way people dressed up so nicely for outings in those days. There was a dignity and grace that just seems to be missing now.


  4. Nancy says:

    Oh, how sad that these photos are with descendants of the people in the pohtos. The setting of the first photo looks almost like a college campus. They are beautiful photographs. The happiness of the family shines through in the 2nd photo.


  5. Marilyn says:

    Magnificent photos, you are right Benedicta is so very beautiful but I love the whole photo – look at the lady on the right in the first photo – I just love her pose. A family of gorgeous women!


  6. TICKLEBEAR says:

    Benedicta may have felt otherwise. maybe she was comfortable with her destiny, even if it didn’t meet others’ “expectations”…



  7. I am curious what the —–TANN Hotel was? These are great old photos..they must have changed clothing for these to be taken on the same day. The first photo is casual and shows personality..those hats are something else! :)


  8. John Trunk was born in June 1848 in Germany. His wife Mary was born November 1856 in Pennsylvania, so they obviously met and married in PA about 1873 since they’d been married 26 years at the time of the census. By 1900, they had nine children: Lena M. (November 1874) ; Rose W. (Nov 1877); Minnie F. (Dec 1879); Anna C. (June 1882); Frances J. (May 1884); John E. — the eldest son, August 1886; Bedict C. (Benedicta, perhaps, though listed as a son) March 1889; Edward C. (July 1891); and Ruth C. (July 1891).

    There are some inconsistencies — Mary and all the children were born in Pennsylvania. Mary’s parents, according to the census taker, were born in Germany. Not out of the question. But all John and Mary’s children are listed as having parents both born in Germany. . . though Mary was born in PA according to the same census and all the children seem to be hers. So perhaps an error. They were living in Barnsville, Belmont County, Ohio in 1900.


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