Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This beautiful lady is one of our mystery Streeter family members. We saw her previously in this post, in which I wondered if she wasn’t all that happy. After researching the entire family, I am speculating that this is Alice Fullington Streeter, wife of Charles Streeter. I came to this conclusion after studying the family tree, and also after studying the faces of those pictured in these cabinet cards.

One, the family consisted of siblings Charles, Alfred, Abbie, Eva, and Arthur.  Alfred, Abbie and Arthur have been identified. Eva shows up on one and only one census, so I concluded that she passed away as a child. That left Charles. I studied his face and it appears to have some family resemblance to the three identified siblings. Interestingly, Charles outlived his wife Alice and even remarried in the 1900s. And yet, if I’m correct in my detective work, the previous portrait featuring this woman and who I think to be Charles specifically indicated on the back that a bust portrait would be made of Charles only. I would have thought that the deceased wife might be the one featured in a large portrait? Maybe they used this as a companion piece to that one? This is a very beautiful likeness, who ever she is.

It’s all a guessing game, but I do wonder if this is Alice.

3 thoughts on “Who is this lovely?

  1. She doesn’t look so sad here..she is beautiful. I wonder if her hair was naturally curly…
    Do you know the order of the photos in the book? If you do it might give you some clues to where she falls within this family.
    She looks like an Alice! :)


  2. mrsmarvel says:

    She definitely has thick curly hair! I have fine curly hair and would not be able to hold it in place with a hair fork like she has – to save my life! :-)

    I do have the order of the photos noted. I actually photographed the pages of the book before doing any work, and also returned every photo to the same place it came from. I need to look back at it, as I think there are some other clues with photo placements.


  3. They may have wanted a photo of just the man for business reasons. May be he wanted a portrait of himself in his office and he liked that photo.


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