Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This gent is the first cabinet card in what I call the C. Murray Album. It is a wonderfully preserved photo album from the American post-Civil War era with cabinet cards and a few cartes de visite in the back. This gentleman has seen much in his days. The wrinkles around his eyes and his grizzled beard tell us that. I wonder at his age if he fought in the Mexican-American War in the ’40s. There is no name written on the card. Here’s the back of the cabinet card.

T.C. Haynes of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. I wasn’t able to find any information on this photographer to identify when he was in business.

Hope to see you again!

UPDATE: T.C. Haynes was found to have been in business between 1875-1888.

4 thoughts on “Who was he?

  1. I read something awhile back about this pink color cabinet card..I will try to find it. Congrats on your new blog..I will be a regular visitor!! :)


  2. Intense Guy says:

    I found a directory listing T.C. Haynes in business 1875-1888.

    The “T” is for Trustum. :)


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      Oh excellent!


  3. Initially, cabinet cards were made from natural raw bristol board, both front and back. But in the mid 1870s the backs were coated with soft off-white or even light pastel ink. . The two most advertised card colors were primrose, a pale yellow and pearl, a rich off-white,4 though light pink, blue, and green can be found.
    I found this info for you! I knew I had read something about pink.
    here is the website


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