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This Sepia Saturday shows the HMAS Albatross during construction in 1928. The challenge, however is to find photos showing new beginnings. When I think of new beginnings, I think of new homes, babies, weddings, starting school, and the cycles of life illustrated through our seasons of planting, budding, growing, and harvesting. Just recently I stopped into my favorite antique stall and collected a variety of images. Among them was the photo below.

Bride Baby Dog

Bride, baby, dog, house, spring

A bride in her lovely wedding clothes, replete with long trailing veil, holding a baby, in front of a flowering garden. If we imagine well enough this could also be her new home, and her new dog, maybe even her new sister-in-law. I was going to save this for a series of wedding photos to be posted in the spring, but could there be a better image to capture the concept this week?

And as a coincidence, this is on the back of this photo:

Bride Baby Dog Back

Lovely lady standing by a pond

A crooked picture of a lady standing by a pond…with a boat on it. :-)

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21 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Susan says:

    What a find and so appropriate for the new beginnings theme of this week’s prompt. .


  2. Wendy says:

    What a lovely twist on this week’s theme of new beginnings. I took the prompt much too literally, focusing on new construction.


  3. A neat multiple theme photo. The square format of the other photo suggests one date, but what date for the wedding dress? An old dress recycled?


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      The wedding dress doesn’t tell me as much as her companion’s dress. I would date the wedding photo to the early 20th century. The style of skirt and blouse was typical of the era, plus the hairstyle is in the “Gibson Girl” twist so popular around 1900.


  4. boundforoz says:

    That would be a rare photo for that era surely – a bride photgraphed with a baby.


  5. La Nightingail says:

    Rather interesting to have a picture pasted on the back of another picture like that. I wonder who the woman on the back was? Nice post covering many bases. :))


  6. diane says:

    Don’t you just wonder who they were. An interesting blog you have here. Is that a box camera case the lady by the boat is holding?


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Thanks Diane, I am not familiar with old cameras myself, but perhaps another reader can comment on that.


  7. What an intriguing photo! Of course the baby very likely ‘belonged’ to the other woman rather than the bride,


  8. Alan BURNETT says:

    What lovely old evocative pictures. Sepia Saturday can be proud that it was the reason for such pictures to be rescued from the antique stall and shared with everyone throughout the world.


  9. Doug Peabody says:

    Love the new beginnings connection! :)


  10. Little Nell says:

    What a lovely happy shot that first one is. Perfect for the theme this week.


  11. luvviealex says:

    Such a beautiful photo. When we got married I wanted a photo taken of the bride and groom with all the children that were there. There were about a dozen of them – all gorgeous kids and we have so many happy memories of them playing in the sandpit (actually the 9th hole much to the disgruntlement of the golfers…tee hee). Some of them have their own babies now. How quickly they grow. Now I sound like an old duck. Oops – I am an old duck. Do you know I never would have noticed that camera box hanging off that woman’s arm if you hadn’t pointed it out Diane…honestly sometimes I wonder about my observation capabilities!!! See what a good hat does…actually is she wearing a hat, or is it a branch? Dear God. Shoot me now.


  12. Nancy says:

    She’s a lovely bride. She looks very serious, though. (Thank you for NOT using Lightbox! I was able to click the photo and enlarge twice.) I have a photo dated 1903 in which the women have on clothing almost identical to the lady on the left.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I too like to really study the images by enlarging. That’s how I have found some of the most interesting details. :-)


  13. postcardy says:

    An interesting old photo and a good choice for this week’s theme..


  14. Bob Scotney says:

    You have made a connection I would never have thought of. A bride with a baby would have been frowned on back then.


  15. Ed says:

    There is a small but resonable chance the baby is the brides, we tend to think all children were born within wedlock in the virtuos past, which in all my research was not as proper as we tend to gloss over the past. , but a fair percentage the pregnancy or to a lesser, but still actual acurance , a birth brought on a marriage.
    going back in my own family history many first children were born 4 to 6 months after, just in the early 20th century 1 child was born a year prior to a 1915 marriage, another family member had there ‘s 2 months after for a 1916 marriage. Of course maybe it was an anniversary photo , or some forgotten tradition for a new bride to hold a newborn for some fertility good luck?


  16. I too think it interesting the fact there is a photo on the other side of the bride photo, and the angle it is on. Seems unusual


  17. Boobook says:

    Last weekend I attended the wedding of my niece who posed with her brand new husband and a brand new baby nephew for photos.


  18. TICKLEBEAR says:

    Her baby, not hers? Who knows?
    Where was the groom anyway?
    Love that picture in the back though!!
    Looks like the lady had a fine day.


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