Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today we feature who I believe to be Kate Parish Streeter, wife of Arthur Streeter and mother to this little girl. This is the final photo of this family from the C. Murray Album, though not the last photo in the book. Again the photograph is of a subject and an object, e.g. she is playing a guitar. Apparently, the guitar enjoyed a period of refinement as a parlour instrument during the later Victorian era and into the early 20th century, and often was played by ladies during a soiree to entertain their guests. At its peak, the guitar was considered to be a classical instrument along side the harp, flute and violin, as representatives of the highest European musical tradition. I do wonder if Kate took lessons and whether she was any good.

Another interesting note is that on the left side of this cabinet card are two holes, about 3/16″ diameter. The card with Arthur’s image has corresponding holes on its right side. I believe these were mounted into some type of standing frame, so that the couple would be displayed side by side in their individual reverie.

And, again, if you zoom in on the brooch Kate is wearing in this photo and the other two, you will see the same brooch worn in each likeness. In this photograph, Kate is also wearing glasses though they are difficult to make out.

UPDATE: Kate married Arthur May 1, 1889. She passed away in 1896.

2 thoughts on “Did she find solace in music?

  1. Nancy says:

    This portrait appeals to my eye: I like the natural state of the pose, which is very calming.


  2. Beautiful, she looks very relaxed playing the guitar..she must have enjoyed it. Her dress is beautiful:)


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